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Starting in January 2023, residents who receive waste hauling services from the City of San Diego will begin receiving the bins for the collection of their organic waste. Households will be supplied with a small kitchen pail for in-home collection and a green bin to place at the curb on collections days. The bins and pails will be delivered on a schedule that begins in January 2023 and runs into mid-2023. To learn more about estimated arrival dates for your green bin, check out our rollout schedule.

Apartment and condo property owners currently receive trash and recycling collection service from private waste haulers. Residents can use small kitchen pails to collect food scraps and food soiled paper. When the pail is full, residents will empty their pails into the common organic waste collection bin for the complex. This organic waste bin must be picked up weekly from the property.

Green Bin Cleaning Tips

To minimize odors, you can slow down the decomposition process and keep your bin clean with the following tips:

Illustration of fruit rinds

IF POSSIBLE delay adding food scraps to the outdoor container until collection day, freeze or refrigerate until pick up day.

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DRAINliquid from very wet food scraps before placing it the green bin.

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LINE BOTTOMof your outdoor container with newspaper, a paper bag or yard waste to absorb excess moisture and prevent food from sticking to the bottom.

Illustration of food scraps and newspaper

WRAP leftover food in newspaper, paper bag or other food-soiled paper products.

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ALWAYSkeep the lid closed.

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IF SERVICEDby a private waste hauler, lock organic waste recycling containers to prevent contamination and access from potential pests.

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IF POSSIBLE keep your container in a shaded area.

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SPRINKLEa layer of baking soda on top of organic waste if you notice odors.

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HIREan optional private container cleaning service.

More Green Bin Cleaning Tips

After collection, brush out anything remaining inside the green bin and rinse with water over a landscaped area to remove residue. Pour dirty water onto your lawn and not the street drain. It is illegal to discharge pollutants from waste carts and dumpsters such as trash, food scraps or liquid waste into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System.

Find local service providers at WasteFreeSD (link is external) by searching for “Bin Cleaning Service.

Handout guide to learn more about how to Think Blue and properly maintain cans and dumpsters.

Obtenga más información sobre cómo mantener adecuadamente los contenedores de basura y reciclaje.

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