Good for the Green Bin

Good for the Green Bin

By recycling organic waste, you are doing your part to protect San Diego’s environment. See below to learn what types of waste are good and NOT good for the green bin.

What’s Good for the Green Bin


An open green green recycling bin.

If the waste is edible, grew out of the ground or on a tree, then it is OK to put it in your bin. This includes food waste, most food-soiled paper products, and yard trimmings. Fruit, vegetables, meat, bones, eggshells, paper towels, and grass clippings – it’s all recyclable!

What’s NOT Good for the Green Bin


A closed green recycling bin.

There are some things we need to keep out of the Green Bin because they are not compostable or they may contaminate the compost we make with plastics or other non-organic materials. Save these items for the Blue Bin (mixed recycling) or the Black Bin (trash). See the details below the graphic to learn which bin these items belong in.